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Turbo Recordings Night at Make It New with Bordello & Thomas Von Party 7/25

Turbo Recordings is a record label that requires little introduction. Founded in Montreal in 1998 by cheeky techno-meets-electropop icon Tiga, the label has achieved such notoriety over its productive fifteen year history that the name alone bestows its artists with instant credibility. Turbo boasts releases from artists including Azari & IIIGesaffelsteinBrodinskiBoys NoizeProxy, and ZZT (Tiga’s collaboration with Zombie Nation), reflecting the label’s knack for techno, acid, and synth-pop.


We’re still regaining feeling in our feet after Turbo’s extended Boston visit during Together this past May, where we welcomed Tiga himself at our opening party as well as label superstars Duke DumontNautiluss, and Bordello at the Turbo Recordings Showcase.

Now, we’re incredibly excited that Turbo is making the trip south yet again for a special party at Make It New this Thursday, July 25, featuring Bordello and Thomas Von Party.

Bordello is best known as one half of the techno duo Gingy & Bordello. Bordello began as the Turbo intern, and was quickly signed to the label after opening for Tiga in the duo’s hometown of Toronto. This week, we’ll be graced by a solo set from Bordello, which will surely reflect his brand of forward-thinking techno that makes him so at home at Turbo.

ThomasVonPartySecond only to Tiga, Thomas Von Party is one of the most important members of the Turbo team. As Tiga’s younger brother and the label manager, he is essentially the Turbo tastemaker; in his A&R role, he has been responsible for shaping much of the label’s sound since he joined in 2006, signing Brodinski, Proxy, and Azari & III, among others. This Thursday, we can expect some of the latest Turbo sounds, but don’t necessarily expect him to remain within these boundaries. He says,

“I enjoy the freedom of playing a wide variety of music and wouldn’t want to become too neatly identified with a given sound … The mark of a great DJ is one who can tap into the energy of a crowd without spoon-feeding them what they’re used to.”

Don’t miss this Turbo talent at Make It New this Thursday!

with Resident DJs Baltimoroder & Coralcola
Thursday – 7.25.13
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA

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