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!!! @ The Sinclair 5/16

Every once in a while a band comes along and reminds us that dance music isn’t limited to just DJs in a booth fooling around with knobs, and an indie show doesn’t have to consist of a crowd of sullen hipsters barely bobbing their heads. !!! is one such refreshing band, with a full roster of live instruments as well as the thumping beats and high energy to get listeners moving.

!!! exists at the cross between indie and electronic, but to describe them simply as such would be a disservice. Primarily classified as dance-punk, their hybrid sound combines elements of disco, house, funk, psychedelic, and afrobeat. Fans of LCD SoundsystemHoly Fuck, and Hot Chip would likely find themselves at home with !!!’s funky basslines and house inspired rhythms.

Their name, usually pronounced as “chk chk chk” (but any monosyllabic word repeated three times will do), is emblematic of their high energy live shows. Frontman Nic Offer has said, “Most people say the records don’t compare to the live show, and yes they can be a bit messy. Prepare to sweat.” His Mick Jagger style dance moves are infectious, inspiring even the coolest indie kid to boogie down. No flat feet at these shows.

Their fifth full-length album, “Thri!!!er,” will be released in the US on April 30. “Slyd,” the album’s first single, is a super funky dance track and is available for free download on their website. Check it out below – good luck sitting still.

!!! brings their dance party to Together on Thursday, May 16 at The Sinclair with Sinkane.