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New Track “Extremophile” from Sole and Together’s Gold Panda

Together artist Gold Panda recently released a new track and accompanying video in collaboration with politically conscious rapper Sole and video producer Big Pauper. The track, titled “Extremophile,” represents Sole’s philosophical and apocalyptic-themed poetic style. He says that the song is “a Keroac-ian poem about about science and civilization using ‘space’ as the canvas … An extremophile is an organism that can survive in climates that are hostile and places that it was previously believed that no life could exist and is an apt metaphor for the independent artist in 2013.”

Gold Panda’s fondness for dreamy melodies and exotic samples make him an appropriate choice to lay the backdrop for a song that contemplates the cosmos. In Extremophile, Gold Panda’s minimal, somewhat haunting beats complement Sole’s ominous words. Big Pauper provides visual scenery for the track by collaging pieces of old VHS video and processing the film through an analog machine called a “Fritz Box” to create unique textures.

Extremophile appears on Sole’s album No Wising Up No Settling Down, to be released on May 1. Catch Gold Panda with Voices of Black (LIVE!) at Brighton Music Hall on Saturday, May 18 as part of Together. Get individual tickets to that show here.

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