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New RA Film Series: Between the Beats

Imagine life as a successful, sought-after DJ, performing gigs all over the world. You might envision trendy clubs, exotic locales, endless parties, adoring fans, lovers, money, and constant ego gratification – an alluring fantasy to us common folk on the outside.

With their new mini documentary series “Between the Beats,” Resident Advisor aims to give viewers a glimpse into the life of a touring DJ beyond what we see onstage and what we imagine occurs behind the scenes. In the first episode, RA follows Russian DJ and producer Nina Kraviz on her rapid fire tour schedule through Bulgaria, Pukkelpop in Belgium, and Germany.

RA illustrates Kraviz’s glamorous lifestyle with dreamy images of her sunbathing on a beach, gracefully dancing on stage during her set, and dining with industry professionals. But in nearly all of these shots, Kraviz is alone. Though being a DJ is her “favorite job in the world” and she loves the amazing feeling of DJing a great party, there are drawbacks to the lifestyle. She laments not being able to share with someone all of the beautiful places she visits and experiences she has while on tour.

She says, “[when] the party is over … and you go back to the hotel room, the after taste might last a little longer than you probably think; but at some point it’s all gone, and you understand that the only thing that is left in this world of being a DJ is just the memory. And that’s a bit sad.” In the end, the glamour that comes along with the job is just an illusion.

RA gives us much to ponder in their film as they highlight Kraviz’s glamorous lifestyle while simultaneously warning of its illusory nature. It’s an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else will be revealed in future episodes.

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