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More New Mobile Survey Features

Survey On The Spot has announced several new features to help streamline the mobile survey client’s experience. Customers are more responsive to user-friendly surveys, leading to more data for analysis to improve business operations. The following features help to make this possible.

  • Ranking: Surveys now allow ranking functionality. For example, survey-takers can rank their favorite things about your restaurant (menu items, service, etc). Users rank their preference of choices for a question with the reporting showing these specifics.
  • Multiple questions: Further improving user-friendliness, surveys can now display multiple questions on a single page. This is especially useful when collecting customer information: survey-takers will no longer have to continue to flip through pages when entering their name, email address, and birth date, thereby enabling them to complete the survey more quickly and efficiently.  This feature also allows better use of the real estate on the larger screens of tablets.
  • Auto-formatted telephone numbers: Surveys will now automatically update customer-entered phone numbers to US format. This will make it easier for users to input their phone numbers and will also allow for more uniform data collection. Customer phone numbers are particularly useful to collect when building your customer loyalty list, especially as part of the Sundrop mobile loyalty system (link: This program provides incentives to customers for completing the survey and signing up for the program, and continues to provide coupons and special deals for repeat visits – ultimately developing a loyal customer base.
  • Month & date birthdays: Birth year will no longer be required when collecting customer birthdays. This feature is useful when combined with marketing campaigns and customer incentives, such as offering special birthday coupons to customers who have provided their information. With birth year no longer required, more customers will be inclined to supply their birth dates as part of the survey, allowing you to reach more customers with incentives that are likely to inspire repeat visits.

These new features make for an effective, user-friendly survey that will produce a higher volume of more comprehensive responses. The updates underline Survey On The Spot’s commitment to creating a comprehensive survey system in order to help businesses improve their guest satisfaction.

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