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Introducing New Features for Survey on the Spot

Survey On The Spot has introduced new features that will improve data collection for businesses utilizing the survey system to gain feedback from their customers. The following features make it easier for businesses to collect, manage, and analyze guest satisfaction survey information by maximizing user control.

CSV files: The Survey On The Spot system now allows users to download responses as CSV files. This feature increases data compatibility by allowing businesses to more easily integrate survey data with other systems. In addition to the Survey on the Spot system’s reporting feature (link:, exporting data to Excel and CSV files gives users total control of their data by enabling them to organize and view data entirely to manage it how they prefer, and to integrate with different systems they like using (such as email marketing tools).


Scheduled reports: Save time with scheduled data reports. With this new feature, Survey On The Spot will email you automated data reports on a schedule that you determine – daily, weekly, or monthly – to one or more users. Rather than having to log in to Survey On The Spot to view these reports each time you would like to see them, they will be waiting for you in your inbox when you begin the day, or week, so you can work with them a little easier. For example, you can begin morning staff meetings with a comprehensive view of your guest satisfaction insights, with clear visuals of what you can improve upon today based on yesterday’s survey responses. You can brief staff members on specific areas of improvement before customers arrive so they can begin the day’s work already ahead.

Offline surveys: Mobile phones or tablets no longer need to be connected to the internet to collect survey responses. Once the survey has been loaded onto a smartphone using an internet connection, the survey can be completed and data can be collected without requiring connectivity. Data is then uploaded to the Survey On The Spot portal once an internet connection is reestablished. This can be useful for restaurants that want to collect surveys from customers on provided iPads or mobile devices but do not have an available WiFi connection. Staff members can then upload the survey results through a wired connection once the customer has returned the mobile device or at the close of the business day. It can also be effectively used for intercept surveys in locations where there is no wifi or cellular signal.


These new features provide users with more streamlined data collection and analysis capabilities. Survey On The Spot is now better than ever at providing business with the tools for faster and more precise guest satisfaction improvements.

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