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Interview: Supernova Bring Heart & Soul to House Music

Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi, otherwise known as Italian duo Supernova, have been a considerable force in the house music world with the library of original productions and remixes of classic tracks that they’ve amassed since they began working together in 2002. They have brought their dynamic DJ sets to venues large and small across the globe, energizing dance floors with their funky mix of tech and deep house.

Both Emiliano and Giacomo have been passionate about electronic music from a young age. They each began to DJ at 15 years old, in what they say was a natural progression of their innate love for house music:

“It’s something that you have inside, that you’re born [with]. Of course during your life you see DJs or you hear music and then the passion comes out more and more and more, like you have seen something that you had inside. For us it was something that we had since the beginning inside our soul.”


Ten years ago, while they were collaborating on a compilation album, they decided to try producing some original tracks. Eventually these originals became their debut album, Downtown Underground, which was released in 2007 and which gave them their first taste of distinguished success. Since then, they have had a number of releases on the genre-defining house giant Defected Records, as well as their own Lapsus Music, which they formed in 2009.

The combination of Emiliano’s DJing background and Giacomo’s production background gave them well-rounded experience to make Supernova a complete project, now fully cultivated after ten years of working together. Working as a duo feels natural to them; it doubles their creative abilities and allows them to achieve much more than if they were on their own.

“Being a duo is a great thing if you really appreciate and understand each other [and] you really love and can share each other’s skills. If you really mix together the two personalities in the right way that for sure is a plus because it’s two minds, four hands, and two bodies instead of one… We are trying to manage a label, a lot of productions in terms of originals and remixes, a lot of gigs… If you want to do this with a high quality it’s impossible with one person.”

Supernova is particularly known for their remixes of a number of seminal house tracks, including “Can You Feel It” by Chez Damier and “Strings of Life” by Soul Central. Though it may seem intimidating to be asked to remix some of the most prominent house tracks of all time, Emiliano and Giacomo instead feel honored to put their spin on the classics.

“We feel really excited to [remix these tracks]. Sometimes we’re asked to do a remix for somebody who produces vinyl that we played when we were kids, so for us it is an honor, it is something that really excites us and we can’t wait to go to the studio and try to do the best that we can.”

Now, however, the group is focusing more on originals, as they are working on a new album and a new single for Defected. They have had to turn down a variety of remix offers, and, in turn, a lot of money — but they’re hardly bothered, since they’re primarily driven by their own artistic pursuits and a deep love of house music rather than money.

This passion shines through when they play live. Their sets are a combination of a DJ set and a live show, where they play both their original tracks and their favorites from other producers. They have taken their shows all over the world, playing underground parties in Italy and some of the most influential clubs in Ibiza, Barcelona, London, and throughout the globe.


“From Supernova people can expect the passion, the history, and the research that two guys have been at for almost 20 years. During our DJ sets and during our nights people can see and listen to the great passion that we put in our job.”

Currently, Emiliano and Giacomo are working on a new EP for Defected featuring vocals from Ann Saunderson (the wife of Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson), as well as a third Supernova album to be released in 2014. Later this year the duo will also release a compilation of their best remixes. In the meantime, they will continue their world travel with gigs in Japan, the U.S., and across Europe, while preparing a number of new releases on Lapsus Music.