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Interview: Drop Goblin’s Black Magic Entices on ‘Voodoo’

Deep in the darkest realm of electronic dance music dwells a producer and DJ from New Hampshire, USA known as Drop Goblin. Goblin’s signature sound exists at the cross between metal and dubstep, combining deep bass and heavy wobbles with shrieking electric guitar to create metalstep. There is but one word to describe it: angry. Naturally, when you merge two of the most intense music genres, you’re going to come up with exceptionally brutal and raw — and this is exactly what Drop Goblin provides.

His most recent release, the single “Voodoo,” is his second with Ultragore Recordings. The label is responsible for some of the darkest and heaviest dubstep to rattle your ribcage. Its heavy bass and eerie mood fits right in with Goblin’s Ultragore comrades.

Drop Goblin has always been drawn to music with a dark, angry edge. As a teenager in New Hampshire in the late 1990s, Goblin joined the neo-Nazi skinhead scene when he was asked to fill the guitarist slot of a local punk rock oi! band.

But Goblin never fully identified with his militant peers:

“I walked the walk and talked the talk, but never really thought the thought as far as its political stance.”

Though the dogma didn’t stick, the interest in raucous music did, and he decided instead to become a DJ.

“I decided one day that the scene wasn’t for me, and I wanted to pick up something that I could learn as an individual sport … that I could learn on my own without any peers or influence around me. Just two turntables and me.”

This sentiment underlines Goblin’s overall approach to producing music. He is unapologetically true to his own creative vision and refuses to compromise for the commercially driven music industry in the name of making a buck. Rather, he makes music solely for his family and his fans, whom he calls “Gob Kids.”

Goblin makes a considerable effort to build personal relationships with the Gob Kids, primarily by interacting with them and engaging in discussions through social media:

“I do everything I possibly can … to keep the fans talking and interacting and entertaining their brain. I can only promote so much; I prefer asking them questions and getting feedback from them.”

The result is an exceptionally loyal fan base.

“I owe so much to those fans and what’s cool is I get the respect back that I give them, and that’s awesome.”

The philosophy behind his live show is similar. Goblin aims to connect with the crowd during his energetic performances, where he offers something fresh: he mixes with two iPads and a mixer in between, without relying on a laptop or turntables. He uses his technique to give the Gob Kids something new and unique that they are unlikely to see elsewhere.

“They’re paying for a ticket to come see me, so I’m going to give them a show that they can talk about after they leave.”

An avid skater and a fan of extreme sports, Goblin hopes to one day bring his DJ set to the X Games. Until then, you can find his unique blend of metalstep, dubstep, and glitch hop around the US and the New England area.

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