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Healthcare Waiting Rooms

In the current competitive healthcare market, providers must strive to meet the highest patient satisfaction standards in order to earn their business. One of the most important factors in the patient’s perception of the quality of care is the healthcare environment. The physical setting – especially the waiting room – is the patient’s first impression of the facility and it sets the tone for their entire visit.

Whether patients are visiting their doctor for a routine check-up or for something more serious, they want to walk into a welcoming, low-stress environment. Doctor’s appointments can be associated with anxiety, so patients should be welcomed into a soothing atmosphere when they enter the waiting room.

Patient experiences in the waiting room are about more than just the physical setting, however. Long wait times can have a significant negative effect on the patient’s overall experience. Even if the patient had a pleasant interaction with his or her doctor, it can be easily overshadowed by a prolonged waiting room experience. In addition, staff members can positively or negatively affect a patient’s visit, with qualities such as responsiveness, courtesy, competence, and communication playing an important role.

With all of these factors that can make or break a patient’s experience, there is a lot for healthcare providers to stay on top of. Survey On The Spot’s real-time survey system allows providers to hear directly from their patients about what they did or did not like about their visit, giving providers the opportunity to quickly make any necessary changes and remain at the top of patient quality standards.

Is it too cold in the waiting room? Is the music too loud or unpleasant? Is the restroom’s cleanliness sub-par? Instant alerts notify managers of these and any other potential issues so the problem can be fixed before it’s too late and the patient leaves having had an unpleasant experience. Patients can also give feedback on more long term issues, such as long wait times or unfriendly staff members, and providers can then use this feedback to improve their services.

With Survey On The Spot, healthcare providers are able to ensure that their waiting rooms are setting just the right tone for their patients’ visits.

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