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Flying Lotus Explores New Musical Territory

Highlighting the intersection of music, art, and technology, the Together Festival celebrates how each of these spheres connect to inspire creative innovation and a deeper sense of community. As an artist who understands the value of free creative exploration, Flying Lotus fits in seamlessly with our philosophy and we are excited to host him this year.

In a January interview with XXL, FlyLo reflects on his own ever-evolving musical path. While he grew up with a hip-hop background, he was turned off by its “crazy, purist mentality” and was instead drawn to electronic music because of the freedom it allowed him to experiment.

This is the beauty of electronic music: without the limitations of so-called “real instruments,” producers are able to use new technologies to their advantage to design completely original sounds. Electronic artists including FlyLo are wielding this creative freedom, setting their own path and reinventing what we understand to be music.

Recently, FlyLo has decided to return to his hip-hop roots with his alter-ego Captain Murphy, which serves as an outlet for the voice lacking in his electronic projects. He initially launched this hip-hop persona anonymously, hoping that people would take him more seriously if it didn’t come along with the stigma of it being seen as just a side-project.

Eager fans have since nagged him enough to reveal his identity, but he’s still maintaining a sense of mystery around his character – as evidenced in the new video for “The Killing Joke,” off of his debut mixtape Duality, below:

He states that the persona doesn’t necessarily represent him personally but, rather, “the darkest parts of the ego of the collective conscious of this planet.”

I want to dwell in that space we try to brush under the rug. You know, those things that we think about society or about people—about love and sex. I want that to put the darkest part of our nature at the forefront.

Wherever his creative process takes him next, we’re all ears.

Flying Lotus plays Together with Thundercat at the Paradise Rock Club on May 12. Gain access to this and other Together events with a VIP Pass – buy yours today!

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