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Flava D Remixes Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat”

For some reason, producers really love remixing the late R&B sweetheart Aaliyah’s classic tracks. Maybe it’s because her untimely death left us craving more of what we can’t have, so fresh versions of old favorites help fill the void. Or maybe it’s because her soothing voice lends itself well to R&B-inspired dance track hooks.

Either way, we’re easily seduced by the wave of ’90s nostalgia whenever a new Aaliyah remix crops up. The latest offering comes from Flava D, who represents the London grime label Butterz.

Flava D re-imagines the sensual “Rock the Boat” as a bouncing U.K. garage party track, speeding up the tempo and injecting a wonky bassline that begs for a deep sub. Aaliyah’s vocals effortlessly glide over the thumping low end and the track is successfully transformed from a summertime poolside tune to a dark & gritty South London dancefloor banger.

Need more grime? Check out Flava D’s EP Vol. 4 released last week, which includes a selection of her tracks from as early as 2009. Fair warning: they are deep, dark, and dirty. If you’re into that. (We are.)

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