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E-mail Marketing – A Cost-Effective Way to Build Relationships

You have successfully attracted a prospect to your website or a customer to your restaurant. How do you retain their interest and keep them coming back? Your best bet to develop a long term relationship with your customers is to obtain their email address and include them in your electronic marketing campaigns. Here are a few reasons why email marketing works:

Email marketing is cost effective.
Email marketing software, email template design, and the time to create the content is far less than many other marketing methods. Not only are they cheap, but they are worthwhile: the Direct Marketing Associationreported that, for this year, every $1 invested in email marketing earned back $40.56 in revenue. While this is a broad figure applied to a variety of small businesses, with a few measurement initiatives in place you can determine what that number is for your business.


You will create more sales opportunities.
Every email you send is another chance to make a sale. If someone briefly visits your website, you may never hear from them again; but, if you were able to collect their email address, you could then continue to contact them and thus remain on their radar. Emails are a great way to generate new or repeat business by drawing people to your business with announcements of new items and special promotions or coupons.

Emails can be targeted to a specific audience.
Once you’ve built up a substantial email list, you’ll have enough information about your customers to segment the list and customize the message accordingly. Targeted emails make your message more relevant to your particular audience, which means that they will be more likely to pay attention and your marketing will be more effective.

You will build relationships with your customers.
One of the best ways to keep a customer returning is to earn their loyalty and trust. Using your email list to contact customers on a regular basis will keep your brand top of mind, and customizing content to be relevant to their interests will inspire their trust. Further, when you request customers’ email addresses, you can offer them the option to opt in or out of your communications. This ensures that you’ll be contacting only those who are genuinely interested, making them more likely to pay attention and respond positively. In short: you’ll have a whole list of loyal customers at your fingertips.

You can easily track results.
There is a wide variety of software available that allows you to instantly track the results of your email marketing campaigns. Unlike other marketing methods, you can analyze in real-time the effectiveness of your efforts by viewing open rates, and what links were the most or least popular in the email. You can then use these results to determine the impact on your business and continue to update your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Survey on the Spot integrates seamlessly and adds opt-in email addresses to several email marketing systems including Constant Contact, Fishbowl and The Customer Connection.

Here are a few easy to use email marketing systems:

Constant Contact
The Customer Connection

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