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Client Highlight:

NexDine, a company that provides cafeteria and dining services for businesses, schools, colleges and more, has proven its commitment to superior service and hospitality by implementing the Survey On The Spot customer survey system. Survey On The Spot will help NexDine determine what they can do to continually improve business operations, ensuring the highest level of service and satisfaction for both NexDine’s clients and their dining customers.

Customers are asked to fill out the surveys either on handheld devices such as iPads provided by NexDine or on their own smartphones using the web browser or scanning a QR code. The survey is designed to be simple and user-friendly, and it asks customers various questions about their NexDine dining experience including quality and speed of service, quality of food, facility cleanliness, and more. Customers are given the opportunity to share their opinions by both ranking different items and providing detailed feedback.


Responses are instantly submitted to the Survey On The Spot system, where NexDine can use the convenient reporting features to keep track of real-time results. Any issue requiring immediate attention trigger instant service alerts sent to a manager who can quickly react to solve it immediately. Survey On The Spot also includes customizable score reports that can display data over any given period of time, allowing the user to easily pinpoint areas in need of improvement. NexDine can use this feature to monitor reports and track customer satisfaction trends in certain areas. For example, if customer service scores identify a specific opportunity, NexDine can quickly take note and improve employee training accordingly, thereby maintaining their commitment to the highest level of service.

The Company Score Report, a new Survey On The Spot reporting feature, is particularly helpful for NexDine to stay on top of their performance. This feature allows companies with multiple locations to track customer satisfaction scores at each location. NexDine can use this tool to monitor survey results and compare ratings for each of their clients. If one location is outperforming in a particular area, NexDine can compare them to other client locations and determine what they are doing differently in order to raise the bar across the system.

At both Survey On The Spot and NexDine, customer satisfaction is the bottom line. Survey On The Spot’s user-friendly surveys and useful reporting tools  will help NexDine continually learn and respond to customers’ dining needs and expectations. Through this partnership, NexDine can reach their goal of providing exceptional service and hospitality.

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