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New Track “Extremophile” from Sole and Together’s Gold Panda

Together artist Gold Panda recently released a new track and accompanying video in collaboration with politically conscious rapper Sole and video producer Big Pauper. The track, titled “Extremophile,” represents Sole’s philosophical and apocalyptic-themed poetic style. He says that the song is “a Keroac-ian poem about about science and civilization using ‘space’ as the canvas … An extremophile is an organism […]

Mathew Jonson to Release New Album on Crosstown Rebels

Together artist Mathew Jonson has been a minimal house and techno heavyweight for over a decade, turning out some of the biggest techno tracks and keeping plenty busy with both solo work and various collaborations. 2013 will be another productive year for the Canadian producer. Crosstown Rebels (also home to Together artists Art Department) recently announced that they will release Jonson’s second full-length solo […]

Art Department at the BPM Festival

Together artists Art Department have been making waves this year. At the start of 2013, the house/techno duo spent some time in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the world-class BPM Festival. If exceptional house and techno beats alongside beaches, sunshine, tequila and tacos sounds like a good time to you, then BPM might be your heaven on earth. […]

Flying Lotus Explores New Musical Territory

Highlighting the intersection of music, art, and technology, the Together Festival celebrates how each of these spheres connect to inspire creative innovation and a deeper sense of community. As an artist who understands the value of free creative exploration, Flying Lotus fits in seamlessly with our philosophy and we are excited to host him this year. In a January interview […]

!!! @ The Sinclair 5/16

Every once in a while a band comes along and reminds us that dance music isn’t limited to just DJs in a booth fooling around with knobs, and an indie show doesn’t have to consist of a crowd of sullen hipsters barely bobbing their heads. !!! is one such refreshing band, with a full roster of live instruments as well as […]

New RA Film Series: Between the Beats

Imagine life as a successful, sought-after DJ, performing gigs all over the world. You might envision trendy clubs, exotic locales, endless parties, adoring fans, lovers, money, and constant ego gratification – an alluring fantasy to us common folk on the outside. With their new mini documentary series “Between the Beats,” Resident Advisor aims to give viewers a […]

Venue Spotlight: The Sinclair

Together is excited to partner with Cambridge’s newest music venue, The Sinclair. Located in Harvard Square, The Sinclair has an eye for booking up-and-comers from a variety of genres. It has already hosted an impressive roster of artists since opening in December, including Jessie Ware, Shlohmo, and Sasha. It’s safe to say this new venue is heating up the […]

The Importance of Attendee Feedback at Conferences and Events

We recently partnered with the Fast Casual Executive Summit 2012 team to provide our mobile surveys to attendees at this week’s conference held in San Diego, which was a great learning experience for both teams! We’re not only providers of mobile feedback surveys to conferences but also are attendees of many conferences and tradeshows ourselves. We’re taking […]

Using the Company Score Report

What use is a customer survey if it is too difficult to organize and report the data for accurate analysis? Survey On The Spot features streamlined reporting tools that allow you to view your survey data in a simple and user-friendly format, giving you the control to customize the report displays so they are most […]

Client Highlight:

NexDine, a company that provides cafeteria and dining services for businesses, schools, colleges and more, has proven its commitment to superior service and hospitality by implementing the Survey On The Spot customer survey system. Survey On The Spot will help NexDine determine what they can do to continually improve business operations, ensuring the highest level […]

Understanding Trends in Your Restaurant Locations

What use is a customer survey if it is too difficult to organize and display the data for accurate analysis? Survey On The Spot features streamlined reporting tools that allow you to view your survey data in a simple and user-friendly format, giving you the control to customize the report displays so they are most […]

More New Mobile Survey Features

Survey On The Spot has announced several new features to help streamline the mobile survey client’s experience. Customers are more responsive to user-friendly surveys, leading to more data for analysis to improve business operations. The following features help to make this possible. Ranking: Surveys now allow ranking functionality. For example, survey-takers can rank their favorite things […]

Introducing New Features for Survey on the Spot

Survey On The Spot has introduced new features that will improve data collection for businesses utilizing the survey system to gain feedback from their customers. The following features make it easier for businesses to collect, manage, and analyze guest satisfaction survey information by maximizing user control. CSV files: The Survey On The Spot system now […]

Healthcare Waiting Rooms

In the current competitive healthcare market, providers must strive to meet the highest patient satisfaction standards in order to earn their business. One of the most important factors in the patient’s perception of the quality of care is the healthcare environment. The physical setting – especially the waiting room – is the patient’s first impression […]

Optimizing Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Settings

As we previously reported, maintaining patient satisfaction is now even more of a priority for hospitals as it is closely tied to revenue. A new rule mandated by the Affordable Care Act pits hospitals against each other in a competition for reimbursements, and the scores are based on patient satisfaction rates determined by Medicare-approved surveys. […]

Gauging First Impressions

First impressions are crucial for creating a strong, positive perception of your business in the minds of your customers. People often make their major impressions within the first few seconds of coming into contact with a person or place. Your reception staff affects whether that customer has an overall positive or negative initial experience with […]

Technology has a Place at the Restaurant Table

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast released earlier this month, half of consumers would use a restaurant’s smartphone app to preview menus and make reservations; nearly 40% would use a tablet computer provided at the table to view the menu and place their order; and half would take advantage of at-table electronic payment […]

Restaurant Patrons Notice Your Restrooms

One of the most important features of a restaurant actually has little to do with the menu, and may often go overlooked to the detriment of the business’s success. Restaurant patrons notice the restrooms, and their opinion of the facilities affects their perception of the restaurant as a whole. A recent Harris Interactive poll found […]

Selecting the Right Venue for Your Event

When choosing a venue for your conference, trade show, or other event, there are several key factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that the venue meets your needs and that your event runs smoothly. Get to know your target audience and what they want from the event, then evaluate your potential locations […]

Benefits of Catching Restaurant Problems Early with Instant Alerts

Customers notice problems with your service or restaurant environment much more intimately than your staff, especially with problems arising from sub-par service or issues with the environment, such as bathroom cleanliness. If a customer is bothered by something which may have gone overlooked by staff and management they may log on to a review website […]

E-mail Marketing – A Cost-Effective Way to Build Relationships

You have successfully attracted a prospect to your website or a customer to your restaurant. How do you retain their interest and keep them coming back? Your best bet to develop a long term relationship with your customers is to obtain their email address and include them in your electronic marketing campaigns. Here are a […]

Happy Patients, Profitable Hospitals

Beginning in October 2012, patient satisfaction will reach a new level of importance to hospitals. Medicare, the largest single payer for hospital services, will give patient satisfaction more weight in determining hospital reimbursements based on quality of care. In accordance with a new rule mandated by the Affordable Care Act, hospitals will soon compete against each […]