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DJ Set of the Week: Terrence Parker

Photo via Here we are, stuck in the dead of winter still with several months of bitter cold, limited sunlight, and the occasional nor’easter ahead before we see the warm sun of spring. Despite the unseasonably balmy weather this week, fickle Mother Nature is really just trying to lull us into a false sense of […]

Dig This: A/S/L? with Harvard Bass @ Good Life

CreateSpace Collab, the Boston crew behind favorite monthly Good Life party Sweet Shop, is branching out with new event series A/S/L?. For their inaugural event, the team has recruited Harvard Bass (yes, as in that Harvard) to set the tone with his brand of club-ready house, techno, and electro. The former Crimsonite cut his techno teeth as a yougin’ in Tijuana idolizing Mark […]

DJ Set of the Week: Thugfucker

Once upon a time, I found myself on a blind date (technically we exchanged numbers on the dark dance floor at Middlesex, but I think that still qualifies) with a quirky man sporting a sly grin and a mild case of crazy eyes. When I told him that I didn’t “get” Burning Man, he confidently […]

Movement Announces Phase 1 Lineup

The legendary Movement Electronic Music Festival has announced the first segment of its lineup for 2014. Held on Memorial Day weekend from May 24-26 in Detroit, Michigan, Movement is known for hosting some of the best talent in electronic music, including the original pioneers of house and techno as well as rising new artists ushering in fresh […]

Max Cooper Reveals Melancholy “Adrift,” Announces Debut Album

Producer Max Cooper is known for creating innovative, cerebral music that speaks to human emotions. His latest track, “Adrift”, brings forth a feeling of restless melancholy: he contrasts elegant piano chords and Kathrin deBoer’s delicate vocals with his trademark stuttering, glitchy percussion to create an emotionally moving composition. The track is part of Cooper’s debut album Human, to […]

DJ Set of the Week: Om Unit

For Om Unit, it all comes back to drum & bass. Producer Jim Coles has spent his 20-year musical career migrating through different styles and artistic identities. As so many UK teens did in the ‘90s, Coles found his introduction to the rave scene through jungle. He spent the better part of a decade experimenting with […]

Rustie Releases Charitable “Boatsss”

In his latest track “Boatsss”, Rustie enlists his trademark SNES-inspired bursting synths, fused with rippling snares and the thud of a Dirty South bassline. He also includes samples from the Southeast Indian Light of Love Children’s Choir, their youthful voices enhancing Rustie’s blissful vibe. For this track, Rustie joined forces with Scottish arts community Transgressive North from […]

Highlights from BEMF 2013

Fresh out of the car from Boston, I jumped in line at Output in Brooklyn and waited impatiently to start my weekend at the sixth annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival with the Skreamizm kick-off party. With three nights plus the Thursday pre-party featuring an intriguing lineup of underground artists at six of Williamsburg’s favorite music venues, you […]

DJ Set of the Week: Nick Garcia

When I moved to the Boston area after college, I was skeptical that there was much of a music scene beyond the big name acts that came through the House of Blues. If I wanted to dance somewhere other than a ticketed concert, I would reluctantly head to any number of the stereotypical Boston bro […]

Cosmin TRG Mixes It Up at #MakeItNew 11/14

Cosmin Nicolae is a fan of change, both in life and in the music he produces under the moniker Cosmin TRG. The Romanian born, Berlin based producer has moved swiftly through genres since the beginning of his career in 2007. Inspired by garage and drum & bass, Cosmin (then known simply as TRG) started off in […]

Skream, Tong & More to Heat Up Brooklyn This Weekend at BEMF 2013

Are you planning on being around Brooklyn this weekend? If not, maybe you should consider grabbing some last-minute plane/train/bus tickets right now, because the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is hosting some serious underground talent. In addition to a special kickoff party at Output this Thursday, BEMF spans three nights from Friday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 10, with multiple […]

Interview: Cassy Brings House & Techno Across the Globe

House and techno DJ Cassy Britton is the definition of a globetrotter. She performs at clubs throughout the world and is regularly on the move, free of the urge to set down roots in any city. When we spoke with her over Skype, she had just enough time to give us some insight into her transient lifestyle […]

DJ Set of the Week: Oneman

26-year-old DJ Oneman (née Steve Bishop) hails from South London. He’s known for seamlessly blending different styles of UK dance music from across decades, mainly garage, grime, dubstep, and UK funky—sounds synonymous with the London borough that raised him. His old school meets new school style is right at home at Rinse FM, the London radio station that […]

BPM Festival Releases Phase 1 Lineup for the Perfect Party in Paradise

Imagine: ten blissful days spent dancing to the best house and techno artists in the world and relaxing along the serene turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It sounds too good to be true, but the BPM Festival provides exactly this. BPM’s jaw-dropping lineup and idyllic scenery attracts electronic music fans, artists, and industry heads alike each year. […]

Martyn to Deliver Versatile Bass Music at #MakeitNew 10/24

Martyn is a man of many influences. Beginning his career as a drum ‘n’ bass DJ in his Dutch hometown twenty years ago, he became involved in the London dubstep scene in the mid-2000s. In 2008, he released a remix of TRG’s “Broken Heart” for Hessle Audio. The release was immensely successful – with dubstep maestro Kode9 […]

DJ Set of the Week: Rustie

While genres serve a legitimate function in identifying and describing music, within electronic music especially there are so many different genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres that it is virtually impossible keep track of them all. As new styles emerge, new genres are declared in a frivolous effort to keep music constrained within a definable structure. Glaswegian […]

Interview: Max Cooper Creates Multi-Sensory Musical Experiences

Appearing on a number of best-of lists, including RA’s top 20 live acts of 2012 and Beatport’s top 10 artists of 2012, Max Cooper’s experimental approach to electronic music has earned him the respect of both producers and listeners alike. Cooper is one of today’s most innovative electronic musicians, pushing both himself as an artist and us as listeners to […]

Mount Kimbie Delivers Poignant, Multi-Sensory Live Show

London duo Mount Kimbie has spent much of 2013 touring in support of their latest album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, which was released on Warp Records this May. Often classified as post-dubstep alongside their close friend and collaborator James Blake, Mount Kimbie have expanded upon the strictly electronic sound present in their first release, Crooks & Lovers, to include a more […]

DJ Set of the Week: KiNK

This week, I bring you not one but two live DJ sets, both by Bulgarian house and techno producer KiNK. Our man Strahil Velchev is known for his hands-on live sets, which feature little pre-programming and a lot of composing on the fly. He even occasionally enlists the audience’s help to craft an original track live. He has […]

Fresh Beats and Bass with Lapalux at Make it New 10/3

UK meets LA; bass meets beats; analog meets digital… Lapalux has the special ability to blend distinct musical elements to create an intricate collage of sounds that is both vintage and fresh. His clattering beats twinkle across soulful R&B melodies like goosebumps gliding along your arm, layers of rough samples and oozing synths together forming a chaotic […]

Brodinski Shows Us His Chops in ‘Gimme Back the Night’

Brodinski released the music video for his latest single, Gimme Back the Night featuring Theophilus London, today. Directed by HELMI at DIVISION, the video is filmed through a camera attached to the inside of his mouth. We see flashes of him brushing his teeth, partying with strippers, recording with Theophilus London, smoking, and performing at this year’s HARD Summer Festival. Our […]

Claude VonStroke’s ‘Urban Animal’ Dissected

This week, dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke released his third full album, Urban Animal. The release is well-timed, with VonStroke and the rest of his dirtybird compadres currently riding an enormous wave of success after a prolific summer of festival tours and hit releases. The dirtybird name has become widely recognizable and synonymous with their own brand of unique house music […]

DJ Set of the Week: Omar-S

Detroit house OG Omar-S has a bit of a reputation. He’s notorious for his occasional aggressive attitude in interviews, for bitterly shunning the music industry, and for making the following statements, among others: On DEMF: “If they haven’t invited me already, I don’t need ‘em. They can go to hell.” (XLR8R) On his Fabric mix: “A few assholes are […]

Container Brings His Noise-Techno Hybrid to #MakeItNew

Noise is a genre defined by heavy distortion, fuzzy sounds, improvisation, a disregard for traditional harmony and rhythm, and the use of unconventional instruments. Techno, on the other hand, is typically crisp and clear, relying on repetitive 4/4 rhythms and industry standard drum machines and synths. What do you get when you combine the two? Container — […]

Interview: Mighty Mouse Gives New Life to Nu-Disco

Disco: a glitter-coated pop music cheese-fest that hit its prime in the ‘70s… right? Maybe not, as in the past decade several notable artists have lead the disco revival with a modern upgrade in the form of nu-disco. The London-based Mighty Mouse is one such DJ helping to introduce this generation of club-goers to the genre with his own […]