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Interview: Riva Starr Follows Inspiration to Tech House and Beyond

You’re probably already familiar with DJ/producer Riva Starr’s most popular track, whether or not you realize it. You’ve seen it on tank tops and drawstring backpacks at EDM festivals, and you’ve heard neon-clad college kids chanting the four-word title ad nauseam: “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.” Riva Starr (otherwise known as Stefano Miele) released the track — a collaboration […]

Mighty Mouse – “Shaker Faker”

If you’ve been stuck in a rut with cold and dark music this winter, you’re not alone… but maybe it’s time to step away from that harsh Berlin techno and cheer up with something a little lighter. London-based disco house producer Mighty Mouse has just the ticket: his new tune “Shaker Faker” combines piano chords, a bit […]

Riva Starr – Kill Me (Mixhell Remix)

Tech house maestro Riva Starr ventured outside of his usual club-friendly realm last summer to release the indie-electronic album Hand In Hand, intended for listening off of the dancefloor. But the man behind the massive hit “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” (alongside Fatboy Slim and Beardyman) isn’t about to abandon the party — this week he released Club In Hand, […]

Flava D Remixes Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat”

For some reason, producers really love remixing the late R&B sweetheart Aaliyah’s classic tracks. Maybe it’s because her untimely death left us craving more of what we can’t have, so fresh versions of old favorites help fill the void. Or maybe it’s because her soothing voice lends itself well to R&B-inspired dance track hooks. Either way, we’re […]

Max Cooper Reveals Melancholy “Adrift,” Announces Debut Album

Producer Max Cooper is known for creating innovative, cerebral music that speaks to human emotions. His latest track, “Adrift”, brings forth a feeling of restless melancholy: he contrasts elegant piano chords and Kathrin deBoer’s delicate vocals with his trademark stuttering, glitchy percussion to create an emotionally moving composition. The track is part of Cooper’s debut album Human, to […]

Rustie Releases Charitable “Boatsss”

In his latest track “Boatsss”, Rustie enlists his trademark SNES-inspired bursting synths, fused with rippling snares and the thud of a Dirty South bassline. He also includes samples from the Southeast Indian Light of Love Children’s Choir, their youthful voices enhancing Rustie’s blissful vibe. For this track, Rustie joined forces with Scottish arts community Transgressive North from […]

Interview: Cassy Brings House & Techno Across the Globe

House and techno DJ Cassy Britton is the definition of a globetrotter. She performs at clubs throughout the world and is regularly on the move, free of the urge to set down roots in any city. When we spoke with her over Skype, she had just enough time to give us some insight into her transient lifestyle […]

Interview: Max Cooper Creates Multi-Sensory Musical Experiences

Appearing on a number of best-of lists, including RA’s top 20 live acts of 2012 and Beatport’s top 10 artists of 2012, Max Cooper’s experimental approach to electronic music has earned him the respect of both producers and listeners alike. Cooper is one of today’s most innovative electronic musicians, pushing both himself as an artist and us as listeners to […]

Interview: Mighty Mouse Gives New Life to Nu-Disco

Disco: a glitter-coated pop music cheese-fest that hit its prime in the ‘70s… right? Maybe not, as in the past decade several notable artists have lead the disco revival with a modern upgrade in the form of nu-disco. The London-based Mighty Mouse is one such DJ helping to introduce this generation of club-goers to the genre with his own […]

Interview: Supernova Bring Heart & Soul to House Music

Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi, otherwise known as Italian duo Supernova, have been a considerable force in the house music world with the library of original productions and remixes of classic tracks that they’ve amassed since they began working together in 2002. They have brought their dynamic DJ sets to venues large and small across the […]

Interview: Mastermind Savant Reminds Us Music is Art

EDM naysayers beware: Twenty-six-year-old Aleksander Vinter from Norway, known as Savant, is here to remind us that electronic music is indeed an art form that provides us with endless possibilities for creative expression. At an age when most of us were still playing with bugs and Legos, four-year-old Savant was discovering electronic music by playing around […]

Interview: Z of SectionZ Records – Pushing the Boundaries of Genre

In the commercial world of top 40 tracks and Billboard charts, much of the popular music is built on a static formula designed to produce the biggest financial return with the least amount of effort. With little room for creativity and innovation, the result is a landscape of music that all sounds the same. There […]

Interview: Drop Goblin’s Black Magic Entices on ‘Voodoo’

Deep in the darkest realm of electronic dance music dwells a producer and DJ from New Hampshire, USA known as Drop Goblin. Goblin’s signature sound exists at the cross between metal and dubstep, combining deep bass and heavy wobbles with shrieking electric guitar to create metalstep. There is but one word to describe it: angry. […]