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DJ Set of the Week: Interview with Bianca Oblivion

DJ Bianca Oblivion has only been in town for a year, but her booty dropping rhythms and slick LA style are are already taking over the city. She’s proven her skills at numerous venues including Good Life and Zuzu, where she’s landed a residency at weekly party Zuesdays. Her main mission: to inspire you to dance. How […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview with Bob Diesel

Boston DJ Bob Diesel has been spinning since the early years of house music, when I was merely a twinkle in my mom’s favorite pair of roller skates. After a decade of DJ residencies at New York City area roller rinks and nightclubs, Diesel moved to Boston in 1987 and brought along a love for house music. […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview w/ Alix Perez

Alix Perez has been referred to as one of the biggest and best drum & bass producers since his first string of releases in 2005 and 2006. He quickly rose from the smaller drum & bass labels to the inimitable Shogun Audio with his full-length releases 1984 in 2009 and Chroma Chords last year. Now, […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview W/ Max McFerren

What is it about dark, dingy basement rooms that makes for the best parties? The floor is sticky, the bathroom line is endless, the air is humid and thick with cigarette smoke, and the bar – if there is one – is only half-stocked with my least favorite liquor. In such a raw environment there […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview: Voices of Black

Voices of Black are Jules and Baba, two friends who met as high school students in Teaneck, New Jersey. The pair bonded over a shared eclectic taste in music and joined forces to create their own sounds. The multifaceted Voices of Black style draws from hip hop, house, soul, and funk, enriched with their own […]

DJ Set of the Week: Moon Boots

Before the streaming giants took over with their algorithms and celebrity-curated playlists, independent music blogs ruled music discovery on the internet from the mid to late 2000s. They were seen as cultural curators — the DIY music distributors of the new internet age — offering up free (and often illegal) mp3s from undiscovered artists. Music […]

The Silent Maestros: Competition Celebrates Visual Artists of the EDM World

“VJs in general … we’re kind of like pirates,” says Jon Bonk, local visual artist and head of the Together Boston VJ Competition. “We just swoop in, set up our own equipment, stay late, and no one really knows exactly what we’re doing but they kind of like it.” Electronic music has taken over the […]

DJ Set of the Week: Leon Vynehall

I spent countless hours of my ‘90s childhood in the backseat of my mom’s car, traveling between school, sports games, and birthday parties with her tunes as the soundtrack. A collection of cassette tapes in a cardboard box sat at my feet, the contents of which included Bonnie Raitt, the Neville Brothers, and James Taylor. […]

DJ Set of the Week: Keith Mattar

I once understood live music as a one-way transaction: shell out $40 + fees to Ticketmaster, pack into a large venue with a crowd of flat-footed head bobbers, and stare straight ahead as a band reproduces their latest album on stage. I enjoyed it, sure, but live shows always left something to be desired; it […]

Nils Frahm: Neo-Classical Electronic Fusion By Way of Berlin

It takes a uniquely talented musician to find fresh sounds within one of the most ubiquitous musical instruments of our time. Berlin-based pianist Nils Frahm has achieved just this, experimenting with his craft unlike any before him to unite neo-classical, jazz, and electronic music. Frahm joined a distinguished legacy through his classical piano training as a […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview w/ Ikonika

Sara Abdel-Hamid is a renegade. First as a drummer in metal and hardcore bands, and now as an electronic music producer/DJ who evades categorization, she’s made a career out of balking at the traditional. She calls herself Ikonika, derived from iconoclast: “That means someone who destroys religious artifacts, but in my case it’s more to do […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview: AxH

Photo by Kyle Rober, Electrogenic I always feel a little surge of hometown pride whenever a Boston-area musician earns recognition on a national or global level. Our small but passionate dance music community has the unique ability to cultivate niche music scenes; long-running parties Elements and BASSIC, for instance, are both responsible for putting Boston […]

DJ Set of the Week: Interview w/ Jubilee

Jubilee, aka Jessica Gentile, is the reigning queen of the Brooklyn bass scene. The Miami native’s spicy medley of tropical beats, dancehall rhythms, and sassy rap anthems have been known to scald club dancefloors, and her playful personality on Radio Lily and Brooklyn Radio has earned her respect as a bass music tastemaker. Her latest EP, Pull Ova, is released […]

DJ Set of the Week: Terrence Parker

Photo via Here we are, stuck in the dead of winter still with several months of bitter cold, limited sunlight, and the occasional nor’easter ahead before we see the warm sun of spring. Despite the unseasonably balmy weather this week, fickle Mother Nature is really just trying to lull us into a false sense of […]

Dig This: A/S/L? with Harvard Bass @ Good Life

CreateSpace Collab, the Boston crew behind favorite monthly Good Life party Sweet Shop, is branching out with new event series A/S/L?. For their inaugural event, the team has recruited Harvard Bass (yes, as in that Harvard) to set the tone with his brand of club-ready house, techno, and electro. The former Crimsonite cut his techno teeth as a yougin’ in Tijuana idolizing Mark […]

DJ Set of the Week: Thugfucker

Once upon a time, I found myself on a blind date (technically we exchanged numbers on the dark dance floor at Middlesex, but I think that still qualifies) with a quirky man sporting a sly grin and a mild case of crazy eyes. When I told him that I didn’t “get” Burning Man, he confidently […]

DJ Set of the Week: Om Unit

For Om Unit, it all comes back to drum & bass. Producer Jim Coles has spent his 20-year musical career migrating through different styles and artistic identities. As so many UK teens did in the ‘90s, Coles found his introduction to the rave scene through jungle. He spent the better part of a decade experimenting with […]

DJ Set of the Week: Nick Garcia

When I moved to the Boston area after college, I was skeptical that there was much of a music scene beyond the big name acts that came through the House of Blues. If I wanted to dance somewhere other than a ticketed concert, I would reluctantly head to any number of the stereotypical Boston bro […]

DJ Set of the Week: Oneman

26-year-old DJ Oneman (née Steve Bishop) hails from South London. He’s known for seamlessly blending different styles of UK dance music from across decades, mainly garage, grime, dubstep, and UK funky—sounds synonymous with the London borough that raised him. His old school meets new school style is right at home at Rinse FM, the London radio station that […]

DJ Set of the Week: Rustie

While genres serve a legitimate function in identifying and describing music, within electronic music especially there are so many different genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres that it is virtually impossible keep track of them all. As new styles emerge, new genres are declared in a frivolous effort to keep music constrained within a definable structure. Glaswegian […]

DJ Set of the Week: KiNK

This week, I bring you not one but two live DJ sets, both by Bulgarian house and techno producer KiNK. Our man Strahil Velchev is known for his hands-on live sets, which feature little pre-programming and a lot of composing on the fly. He even occasionally enlists the audience’s help to craft an original track live. He has […]

DJ Set of the Week: Omar-S

Detroit house OG Omar-S has a bit of a reputation. He’s notorious for his occasional aggressive attitude in interviews, for bitterly shunning the music industry, and for making the following statements, among others: On DEMF: “If they haven’t invited me already, I don’t need ‘em. They can go to hell.” (XLR8R) On his Fabric mix: “A few assholes are […]