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Skream, Tong & More to Heat Up Brooklyn This Weekend at BEMF 2013

Are you planning on being around Brooklyn this weekend? If not, maybe you should consider grabbing some last-minute plane/train/bus tickets right now, because the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is hosting some serious underground talent. In addition to a special kickoff party at Output this Thursday, BEMF spans three nights from Friday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 10, with multiple […]

DJ Set of the Week: Oneman

26-year-old DJ Oneman (née Steve Bishop) hails from South London. He’s known for seamlessly blending different styles of UK dance music from across decades, mainly garage, grime, dubstep, and UK funky—sounds synonymous with the London borough that raised him. His old school meets new school style is right at home at Rinse FM, the London radio station that […]

BPM Festival Releases Phase 1 Lineup for the Perfect Party in Paradise

Imagine: ten blissful days spent dancing to the best house and techno artists in the world and relaxing along the serene turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It sounds too good to be true, but the BPM Festival provides exactly this. BPM’s jaw-dropping lineup and idyllic scenery attracts electronic music fans, artists, and industry heads alike each year. […]

Martyn to Deliver Versatile Bass Music at #MakeitNew 10/24

Martyn is a man of many influences. Beginning his career as a drum ‘n’ bass DJ in his Dutch hometown twenty years ago, he became involved in the London dubstep scene in the mid-2000s. In 2008, he released a remix of TRG’s “Broken Heart” for Hessle Audio. The release was immensely successful – with dubstep maestro Kode9 […]

DJ Set of the Week: Rustie

While genres serve a legitimate function in identifying and describing music, within electronic music especially there are so many different genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres that it is virtually impossible keep track of them all. As new styles emerge, new genres are declared in a frivolous effort to keep music constrained within a definable structure. Glaswegian […]

Mount Kimbie Delivers Poignant, Multi-Sensory Live Show

London duo Mount Kimbie has spent much of 2013 touring in support of their latest album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, which was released on Warp Records this May. Often classified as post-dubstep alongside their close friend and collaborator James Blake, Mount Kimbie have expanded upon the strictly electronic sound present in their first release, Crooks & Lovers, to include a more […]

DJ Set of the Week: KiNK

This week, I bring you not one but two live DJ sets, both by Bulgarian house and techno producer KiNK. Our man Strahil Velchev is known for his hands-on live sets, which feature little pre-programming and a lot of composing on the fly. He even occasionally enlists the audience’s help to craft an original track live. He has […]

Fresh Beats and Bass with Lapalux at Make it New 10/3

UK meets LA; bass meets beats; analog meets digital… Lapalux has the special ability to blend distinct musical elements to create an intricate collage of sounds that is both vintage and fresh. His clattering beats twinkle across soulful R&B melodies like goosebumps gliding along your arm, layers of rough samples and oozing synths together forming a chaotic […]

DJ Set of the Week: Omar-S

Detroit house OG Omar-S has a bit of a reputation. He’s notorious for his occasional aggressive attitude in interviews, for bitterly shunning the music industry, and for making the following statements, among others: On DEMF: “If they haven’t invited me already, I don’t need ‘em. They can go to hell.” (XLR8R) On his Fabric mix: “A few assholes are […]

Container Brings His Noise-Techno Hybrid to #MakeItNew

Noise is a genre defined by heavy distortion, fuzzy sounds, improvisation, a disregard for traditional harmony and rhythm, and the use of unconventional instruments. Techno, on the other hand, is typically crisp and clear, relying on repetitive 4/4 rhythms and industry standard drum machines and synths. What do you get when you combine the two? Container — […]

Lil Silva at Make It New 8/29

This Thursday, Make It New is hosting Bristol, UK producer Lil Silva. This one is big — and we have three reasons why you shouldn’t miss it, below: 1. Two words: Night Slugs. Headed by Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, Night Slugs has earned a reputation for featuring a signature sound that blends grime, house, electro, R&B, techno, hip-hop, and dubstep into […]

Five Up-And-Coming Electronic Acts to Catch at Made in America

The two-day Made In America Festival kicks off this weekend in Philadelphia for the second year. The eclectic lineup features a variety of genre-spanning acts to appeal to a wide audience. Noting the importance of electronic music in America’s popular music landscape, curator Jay-Z has made a point to include a number of electronic artists among the other rock, […]

Beats Antique Announce New Album & Performance Art Project

World fusion and electronica hybrid trio Beats Antique have announced their seventh studio album and supporting tour, set to be unleashed this October. You may already be aware of the genre-bending group’s creative life performances, which incorporate Zoe Jakes’ belly dancing routine with elaborate costumes and decorations. This time, however, the group has taken it to the […]

FaltyDL at Make It New 8/15

Since his first releases nearly six years ago, Brooklyn producer FaltyDL has earned considerable respect among his musical peers and fans alike. Now, with the release of his third album Hardcourage on Ninja Tune and a US tour in support of James Blake earlier this year, the bubbling enthusiasm surrounding FaltyDL is reaching a boil. This Thursday, Mmmmaven is proud to host him […]

Turbo Recordings Night at Make It New with Bordello & Thomas Von Party 7/25

Turbo Recordings is a record label that requires little introduction. Founded in Montreal in 1998 by cheeky techno-meets-electropop icon Tiga, the label has achieved such notoriety over its productive fifteen year history that the name alone bestows its artists with instant credibility. Turbo boasts releases from artists including Azari & III, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Boys Noize, Proxy, and ZZT (Tiga’s collaboration with Zombie Nation), reflecting the […]

Celebrate Bastille Day at the French Cultural Center July 12th

At this year’s Together Festival, we partnered with the French Cultural Center in Boston to celebrate French culture with a panel discussion on French house music. The panel featured notable DJ Fred Falke, as well as several figureheads of the local scene. On Friday, July 12, the French Cultural Center again invites us to experience a taste of French […]

Movement Festival 2013: Review

When I told friends and family that I was headed to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend, the most common response was, “Don’t get shot!” followed by incredulous inquiries as to why, exactly, I wanted to travel there. The decline of the US auto industry in the 1970s and 1980s hit Michigan’s Motor City especially hard, causing […]

Recap: 5/18 Gold Panda at Brighton Music Hall and Mathew Jonson at Good Life

Gold Panda brought his exotic beats to Brighton Music Hall Saturday night, playing to a sold out crowd of head bobbers, hip swayers, and a handful of less inhibited dancers, indicating his ability to cross over the indie and electronic music scenes. His set was reminiscent of Four Tet’s at the Middle East on Tuesday, but higher energy, […]

Recap: 5/17 Turbo Recordings Showcase with Duke Dumont at Together Central Stage

This Friday, the Together Central Stage hosted one of the highlights of this year’s festival: a Turbo Recordings showcase featuring Duke Dumont, Nautiluss, and Bordello, plus local artists Doctor Jeep and General Motor. This show was the final segment of Together’s partnership with Turbo Recordings, which also included a remix competition and a performance by label founder Tiga at the kick-off party on Sunday. The Turbo talent […]

Panel Wrap-Up: May 17

On Friday, the Together Center featured two free panel discussions open to the public. Find a recap of each panel below. Polar Seltzer Presents: Does Genre Matter? Moderator: Peter O’Karma, Good Karma DJs and The Law Offices of Peter A. O’Karma; Speakers: Shawn Conte; Eartha Harris, Psylab; DJ Leah V; Wiggz, Moduloktopus; Peter Colombo, Rewrote and M|O|D This discussion featured a panel of local musicians who examined the idea […]

Panel Wrap-Up: May 16

On Thursday, the Together Center featured a series of free panel discussions open to the public. Find a recap of each panel below. Copyrights and Copywrongs Moderator: Andrew Sellars, Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University; Speakers: Chris Bavitz, Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Eve Brown, Suffolk University Law School International Property Clinic; and Jessica Silbey, Suffolk […]

Recap: 5/16 Andrés at Middlesex Lounge

This Thursday, weekly Middlesex Lounge party Make it New hosted Detroit house guru Andrés. After residents Coralcola and John Barera opened up the night, Andrés took to the decks with his impressive vinyl collection. He blended elements of house, hip hop, funk, and R&B, dropping classics from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest. Local producers and music fans alike gathered around the DJ booth […]

Recap: 5/14 Fred Falke & Lifelike at Naga and Chez Damier at Phoenix Landing

This past Wednesday, Cambridge saw one of the busiest Wednesday nights in recent memory thanks to Together, which brought several events to Central Square within walking distance of each other. Naga hosted French nu-disco label Kitsuné for a club night featuring Fred Falke and Lifelike. After Together’s own Charles Mazzola kicked off the night, Lifelike delivered positive vibes with an energetic set and bass […]

Recap: 5/14 Four Tet, Anthony Naples, and Ricardo Donoso at Together Main Stage

On Tuesday evening, Four Tet graced the Together Main Stage at the Middle East Downstairs with a captivating life performance. Easing into his set with slow and cerebral tracks with ribcage rattling bass, Four Tet gradually picked up the pace until the entire sold-out audience was enthralled and zero flat feet remained in the packed venue. To warm up […]

Recap: 5/12 Tiga, Mistaker and Left Fold at The Sinclair

This Sunday marked the beginning of Together 2013 with the VIP kickoff party hosted at The Sinclair, the latest new local venue in Harvard Square. As part of Together’s partnership with Turbo Recordings, the event featured a heavily anticipated headlining set from label founder Tiga. Openers Mistaker and DJ competition winner Left Fold warmed up the crowd, and photographer Nicky Digital snapped shots of […]