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Benefits of Catching Restaurant Problems Early with Instant Alerts

Customers notice problems with your service or restaurant environment much more intimately than your staff, especially with problems arising from sub-par service or issues with the environment, such as bathroom cleanliness. If a customer is bothered by something which may have gone overlooked by staff and management they may log on to a review website to vent and leave a negative review or fill out a complaint form. Once you catch the review you can respond by taking certain measures to improve the situation in order to prevent future issues, but the damage has already been done: the negative review has been posted, potential future customers may be discouraged from visiting your restaurant, and the customer has already left without giving you a chance to hear their concerns in person.

Rather than waiting to respond until after the incident has occurred, how can you catch the problem before it’s too late and resolve the issue with the customer in person? Using a feedback system, you can provide them the opportunity to give feedback about their dining experience before they leave the restaurant. Results can be delivered to management instantly, allowing you to take immediate action to recover from service problems if necessary. Giving customers the opportunity to provide feedback quickly and easily also demonstrates your commitment to providing quality customer service, therefore building loyalty and trust.

With instant alerts in a mobile survey system, you are able to send a management representative to speak with the displeased customer and make amends for the poor service. You need to be careful about how to approach the customer as it can be intimidating if you make them feel that the survey isn’t anonymous. Best practices are to simply stop by the table and ask how their experience has been, without referencing the survey at all. Frequently, a customer that has had an issue effectively resolved will leave with a positive impression based on the personal efforts you made to improve their experience. The end result is increased customer loyalty, trust in your business, and gives you the power to remediate problems before they escalate.

Using a real-time survey also allows you to gather results and spot positive or negative trends over a period of time. If you notice that one of your locations experiences a sudden uptick in customer complaints on a given day, you can investigate and respond to any regularly-occurring issues accordingly, before they grow into larger problems. You can also view reports over a longer period of time for a higher-level view of your business.

customizable survey allows you to analyze certain aspects of the customer’s experience depending on your needs. For example, you can use the survey to test the success of new menu items and get specific customer feedback. You can also track the performance of individual employees, using the results to adjust training methods as necessary and to provide employee rewards as incentives for positive performance.

Using a real-time survey with instant alerts will allow you to more quickly and effectively respond to customer service issues, improve restaurant operations, and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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